How to View Wildfire Activity Maps in Google Earth - Kasia and Jason Hislop Photography

Tested on iPhone / Windows 10 / Mac

Note: These fire activity maps may not be completely accurate.  I have seen times where significant fire activity has occurred, yet MODIS and VIIRS375 have not detected it.  I would suggest using these maps along with other sources to confirm any fire activity.

Alternate Sources:
   - Mobile BC Firemap+
   - Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

Google Earth Fire Activity Map Instructions:

1. Download and install Google Earth:

          - Windows / Mac:
          - iPhone / iPad: Search for Google Earth in the App Store and install it.
          - Android: Install Google Earth from Google Play.

2. Download one of the current "fire detections" data sets via the links below and open the downloaded file via your web browser.  Google Earth should automatically start with the fire detections overlay.

   MODIS 1km resolution:      Canada    /    USA

   VIIRS 375m & 750m resolution:      Canada    /    USA        

Note: When you exit Google Earth (Windows / Mac), it will ask you to save the temporary places.  If you do save, Google Earth will automatically update the fire activity map to the latest version the next time you start Google Earth.  It will also continue to update while you have Google Earth open.  If you don't save, you'll need to download the current fire detections update again the next time you start Google Earth.  On the iPhone it appears that you will need to download the current fire detections each time. 

Example Fire Activity Map:


Update Frequency:

Satellite fire detection maps are published following daytime and nighttime observations by MODIS, AVHRR and GOES sensors. The update frequency of fire detection maps is determined by current fire conditions within respective Geographic Areas. A map is compiled for each Geographic Area at least once daily. For Geographic Areas experiencing significant fire activity, maps are published up to multiple times daily following satellite observations. The map publication time is noted on the download page as well as in the legend box of each map. Satellite fire detection data provided on each of the maps reflects the current status of available fire detection data at the time of publication is subject to update/change.


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